JURNAL LONTARA KESEHATAN https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara <div style="”text-align: justify; width: 75%;"><img style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="/public/site/images/admin/sampul_jurnal_lontara_kesehatan1.png" width="443" height="650"></div> en-US Thu, 02 Sep 2021 13:11:38 +0700 OJS http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss 60 HUBUNGAN KEPUASAN KERJA PERAWAT DENGAN MUTU PELAYANAN KEPERAWATAN DI PUSKESMAS WARA SELATAN KOTA PALOPO https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/30 <p>This research aims to analyze the relationship of job satisfaction of nurses in nursing service quality. The research method used was survey with cross sectional approach analytical and sampling techniques “total sampling”. Sample research is all nurses who work in the Puskesmas Wara Selatan in Palopo City as many as 62 people. The results showed most of the nurses are satisfied with its performance (depth 87.1%) and most of the nursing service are high-grade (91.9%). The results of statistical tests by using the test of Fisher's exact test is obtained a value of p = 0.002. Therefore, it is recommended the necessity of creating a work climate or climate of the organization which is convenient for practice of nursing care nursing service quality so that it can be achieved with good.</p> Hardin, Hairuddin Safaat, Nunung Syamsuddin Copyright (c) 2021 JURNAL LONTARA KESEHATAN https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/30 Thu, 02 Sep 2021 13:01:46 +0700 STUDI LITERATUR ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN JIWA DENGAN MASALAH GANGGUAN PERSEPSI SENSORI HALUSINASI PADA PASIEN SKIZOFRENIA https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/31 <p>Schizophrenia is a group of psychotic reactions that affect various areas, individual functions including thinking and communicating, accepting and interpreting reality, feeling and showing emotions and behavior with attitudes that are socially unacceptable. The purpose of writing this literature study is to describe psychiatric nursing care who has schizophrenia with the problem of hallucinatory sensory perception disorders. The research method used is a literature review by comparing 2 journals. The results of the research obtained in the journal A. Nur Anna and Muhammad Abidin found that nursing care in schizophrenic patients with sensory perception disorder hallucinations on the assessment showed that the client looks sad, often daydreams, often listens to voices, and rarely makes eye contact with For other people, the diagnosis obtained is a hallucination sensory perception disorder, if this is not handled then the client can injure himself and others and harm the people around him so that the action that can be carried out on hallucinated patients is by giving SP1-SP4. So that the evaluation that gets is that the intervention is carried out well. Therefore, nurses should improve the application of nursing care standards in schizophrenic patients with hallucinatory sensory perception disorders.</p> Dedeh Vebryani Tampang, Hairuddin Safaat, Ulul Asmy Copyright (c) 2021 JURNAL LONTARA KESEHATAN https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/31 Thu, 02 Sep 2021 13:03:28 +0700 STUDI LITERATUR ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN DALAM PEMENUHAN KEBUTUHAN RASA NYAMAN NYERI PASIEN HIPERTENSI https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/32 <p>Hypertension is a circulatory system disorder that causes an increase in blood pressure above normal values, which exceeds 140/90 mmHg. Purpose The aim of this literature study is to determine nursing care in hypertensive patients in fulfilling their comfort / pain needs. The method used is literature study research with inclusion criteria: articles published in the 2015-2020 period, published in a national nursing accredited journal, namely Google Scholar, the theme of the journal content is to fulfill the need for pain comfort in hypertensive patients.</p> <p>The results of the study found out how to fulfill the need for pain comfort in hypertensive patients. The conclusion in this study is that the main nursing diagnosis found is that acute pain is associated with an increase in blood pressure, so it is necessary to receive deep breath relaxation techniques because it is effective in controlling or reducing pain in hypertensive patients. Therefore, it is advisable to educate the public about pain management and family assistance to support patient management in fulfilling their comfort needs.</p> Hesti Mustika Rusadi, Hardin, Djusmadi Rasyid Copyright (c) 2021 JURNAL LONTARA KESEHATAN https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/32 Thu, 02 Sep 2021 13:04:32 +0700 STUDI LITERATUR ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN DENGAN PEMBERIAN TERAPI CAIRAN PADA PASIEN DIARE https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/33 <h4>Diarrhea is defecation in liud from more that three times a day, and usually lasts for two or more days. The aim of this study was to identify nursing care for diarrhea patients in providing fluid therapy. The research method used was a literature review. Research knows nursing care in providing fluid therapy in patients with diarrhea. The conclusion of this study is that the main nursing diagnosis found in diarrhea patients with deficient fluid volume is associated with an imbalance of intake and output so it is necessary to intervene between ORS and fluids at home because it is effective in preveting dehydration in diarrhea patiens. Therefore, for peoplen who are given the need for public education about fluid management and family assisttance to support the management of diarrhea patients in meeting their fluid needs.&nbsp;&nbsp;</h4> Isma, Hardin, Djusmadi Rasyid Copyright (c) 2021 JURNAL LONTARA KESEHATAN https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/33 Thu, 02 Sep 2021 13:05:47 +0700 STUDI LITERATUR ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN DALAM PEMENUHAN KEBUTUHAN NUTRISI PADA PASIEN DIABETES MELITUS (DM) https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/34 <p>Diabetes mellitus is the disease a sugar that is of impaired metabolism carbohydrates, protein and the fat, where undernoursished and more nutrition increased the risk of diabetes mellitus. The purpose of conducting care nursing with impaired nutrients. The purpose of this study is to provide nursing care to fulfiil the nutritional needs of diabetes mellitu patients. Research using literature studies with data collection techniques derived from the results of research that has been done and published.</p> <p>The results of the study know the process of nursing care in meeting the nutritional needs of patients with diabetes mellitus.the conclusion in this study is to understand the concept of diabetes mellitus nursing care and be able to provide nursing care&nbsp; to diabetes mellitus patients starting from assessment, diagnosis, intervention, implementation and evaluation. The&nbsp; suggestion of his research is to develop nursing science related to nursing care with diabetes mellitus.</p> Nermin Yalisi, Marwasariaty, Warda M Copyright (c) 2021 JURNAL LONTARA KESEHATAN https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/34 Thu, 02 Sep 2021 13:06:57 +0700 STUDI LITERATUR ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN DENGAN PEMBERIAN TERAPI KOMPRES HANGAT DALAM MENGURANGI RASA NYERI PADA PASIEN GOUT ARTHRITIS https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/35 <p>Giving warm compresses is one of the nursing interventions that has long been applied by nurses, warm compresses are a mechanism to block pain receptors on large nerve fibers which will result in changes to the mechanism at the pain control gate which can eventually modify and change the pain sensation that comes before it reaches the cerebral cortex. and cause pain perception from muscle receptors so that pain can be reduced. The purpose of this literature study is to describe the results of giving warm compress therapy to reduce pain scale in patients with gout arthritis. The method used is a literature study research with inclusion criteria: articles published in the 2015-2020 period, published in national nursing accredited journals, namely Google Scholar and Garuda Portal, the theme of the journal content is Therapy Giving Warm Compress for Gouty Arthritis Patients.The results showed that the therapy of giving warm compresses is very suitable for people with arthritis gout pain. Compress is an effort to deal with physical pain by blocking pain, warm compresses are recommended because they can relieve pain.</p> Muh.Pajri, Hardianto Dg.S, Hardin Copyright (c) 2021 JURNAL LONTARA KESEHATAN https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/35 Thu, 02 Sep 2021 13:07:57 +0700 STUDI LITERATUR ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN DENGAN INTERVENSI DIET DASH PADA PASIEN HIPERTENSI https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/36 <p>Background: The application of the DASH diet and the low-salt diet reduced the average systolic and diastolic blood pressures - still 5.33 mmHg and 1.98 mmHg. Research methods: Search for literature studies systematically using google scholar, articles for the last 6 years in Indonesian and English and related to nursing care with DASH diet intervention in hypertensive patients.The results of the study: the knowledge of the nursing care process with DASH diet nursing intervention in hypertensive patients, after reviewing the three similarity articles, namely the main complaints of dizziness and headache, the diagnosis of lack of knowledge about hypertension and the dash diet method, the intervention given discussed eating dash diets in hypertensive patients, The implementation of the dash diet method and evaluation is that the problem is resolved in hypertensive patients with the application of the dash diet. Conclusion: The dash diet application in hypertensive patients is very effective for lowering blood pressure in hypertensive patients</p> Sitriyani Balenggon, Suharno Usman, Warda M Copyright (c) 2021 JURNAL LONTARA KESEHATAN https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/36 Thu, 02 Sep 2021 13:08:54 +0700 STUDI LITERATUR ASUHAN KEPERAWATAN DENGAN MASALAH NYERI PADA PASIEN DISPEPSIA https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/37 <p>providing analgesic therapy and non-pharmacological therapy. <strong>Purpose:</strong> This literature study was created to review or review the nursing care model in dyspepsia patients with pain problems. <strong>Methods:</strong> A systematic search for literature was carried out on the google scholar article search engine from 2013-2015 in Indonesian, related to nursing care with search problems in dyspepsia patients, there were three articles reviewed.<strong>Results:</strong> After reviewing the three articles that were selected, it was found that the similarities of the three articles, namely raising the same main nursing diagnoses, namely acute pain associated with irritation of the gastric mucosa while the difference lies in the evaluation stage, namely the healing process is different, the evaluation stage uses the SOAP method. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> At the review stage of the three articles, the same main complaint was found, namely pain in the epigastrium. The diagnosis stage found acute pain as the main nursing diagnosis, nursing interventions and actions carried out in the three articles including a comprehensive assessment, pharmacological and non-pharmacological measures.</p> Sunaria, Suharno Usman, Warda M Copyright (c) 2021 JURNAL LONTARA KESEHATAN https://journal.akpersawerigading.ac.id/index.php/lontara/article/view/37 Thu, 02 Sep 2021 00:00:00 +0700